Viagoo transport sharing platform is designed especially for 3rd party logistics companies to share their delivery resources like Lorries, Vans, drivers to anyone who needs delivery service at a lower cost. This is especially important in a sharing economy. Sometimes this is not as easy as the availability of the delivery time slots and capacity are not fixed and it will create a lot of uncertainties for both shippers and carriers. With Viagoo, the logistics and transport sharing become much easier!

Idle resources can be wasted if they are not put to proper use and stay idle. So, in principle, as a starting point, a sharing economy is a good way of social allocation,said Associate Professor Lawrence Loh of the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School.

Viagoo expands the availability network by giving free access and listing to any logistic company. The smart matching algorithm will match the needs of the shippers. For example, if a hardware company needs to send a construction tool to a customer for Same day delivery, the match will automatically push the order request to any carrier that can provide the service within the same day. The transaction will be done in real-time and delivery status is updated once the job is completed. 


Unlike other transport sharing platforms that customer usually does not know which company is being consigned to do the job, Viagoo sharing platform is open and it even provides chat features that allow carriers and shippers communicate online without the need to use 3rd part apps like Whatsapp.


This service will be available to cover cross border delivery and other logistics services when times come. Viagoo sharing platform aims to contribute to the fast-changing sharing economy by maximising the use of the available resources at the lowest cost! 


Please contact hello@viagoo.co if you need help.  

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Viagoo is a revolutionary b2b transportation network. It operates in Singapore and in Asia. Viagoo helps companies collaborate and be a part of the sharing economy.

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