“I will always create opportunities for my development team to express their creativity during project distribution as innovation is also crucial to the continuing success of any organisation.”

Please tell us more about yourself, your career history and current involvement in Viagoo’s business.

Hi, I am Shawn, CTO of Viagoo Pte Ltd.  I started out my career as a software engineer in UPS Singapore, thereafter, I moved on to NEC where my team was tasked to develop the Singapore Biometric Passport system.  Back then, it was still a new technology, so the project was highly interesting apart from skilling up our engineering portfolio.  

After NEC, I was at Pactera MNC, developing, “Singapore Grant platform” which is now an online government website widely used by companies in Singapore. 

Years later, as I proceed to the next phase in my career as a Senior IT manager in a major lifestyle retailer company, gaining further knowledge in troubleshooting common & ad-hoc logistic issues faced by many SMEs.

Now, here I am with Viagoo, developing new technology applications for both administrators and end-users together with my team of IT engineers to come up with solutions/ platform design to solve logistic problem

(Being described by colleagues as) “Lightning-Speed Software Development Architect” could you tell us more on what inspire you at work/ in life that helps you to achieve all projects in precision in speedy mode.

There will always be a solution to each problem.  Speedy solution is essential when IT issues crop up, but speedy work does not always equate to accuracy hence tough challenges faced during previous work experiences has also taught me not just to work against time to resolve urgent situations in a timely manner but also to work smart and ensure the accuracy of the execution so that similar issues will not occur again.

As CTO of Viagoo, what is your work strategy in holding your team together while achieving different project goals that meet your

clients’ request at the same time.  

Communication amongst the team is especially important as a project can only be completed if everyone plays their part, so communicating effectively with my development team to me is an important factor.

Creating visual and expected result for both client and internal team has always been a great help too to orientate both internal staff and clients towards understanding the clients’ needs and project target for our Viagoo team.

I started out my career as an

engineer, so I understand the desire for creative space by engineers.  As such I will always create opportunities for my development team to express their creativity during project distribution as innovation is also crucial to the continuing success of any organisation.

How has the current pandemic changed the dynamic in portal businesses and IT industry?  What are your thoughts on customer demands and job opportunities for people in the future?

The pandemic has really affected the retail industry worldwide which resulted in millions of job loss and economy downturn. With massive amounts of employees working from home these days, technology collaboration between main office and home office plays an important role.  Same goes for retailers & consumers as ecommerce businesses continue to flourish in this new era. Therefore, an effective online platform system and proficient IT personnel is very important.

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