“It is vital to have business acumen and sound
financial optics for the business owners to manage a business especially at the
point of startup to growth.”

Please tell us more about
yourself, your career history and current business.

I have started my career as
a programmer and was privileged to have spring boarded into business portfolios rising up to senior management positions with medium to large-sized companies during my tenure. My career in the IT domain has given me a unique experience to manage business and to turnaround business financially, adopting various strategies in corporate directions, structurally and in the space of financial management and regional exposure.

I was very privileged and excited to have cofounded NEXG, a sought-after IT Business in Document Automation space many years back to fulfil a relentless entrepreneurial thirst.
My previous career has given me the invaluable experience and were well poise and most apt in contributing to the NEXG business especially IT Solutioning, negotiation, supplier management and a plethora of others. Viagoo is a recent offshoot strategy for the purpose of rapid growth and Cloud Technology development in the transportation arena.  I currently serve as Director in Viagoo overseeing the finance and corporate matters.

(Being seen as) “A business enthusiast with expertise in Strategic Management and Business Development.” 

Could you share with us on how the above skill help to 
shape & develop your current business?  And what is your vision/belief in business management/ starting a new business? 


It is vital to have
business acumen and sound financial optics for the business owners to manage a business especially at the point of startup to growth. Every step is strategically shaping the business at the right direction, reviewing and steering towards achieving business goals. Financial projection is the key framework that drills down to and be supported by multiple supporting strategies such as products, technologies, brands and ultimately the financial numbers to propel Viagoo’s growth. Hence, charting every phase with human, financial resources and setting the right strategic footing is very essential. Together with our very committed management team and entire  team of Viagoo personnel, every single one of them have  contributed their utmost and will continue to give their fullest in terms of business and technical skills
to make Viagoo a success from start to the future. 

What is your take on business digitalization during this pandemic situation and your thoughts on direction for businesses in future?

The pandemic is a sudden game changer in many aspects of business and consumers’ lives. A new norm of telecommuting from home gave rise to a new wave of operandi modus. Communities are staying home and working online, as a result, purchases of food, essential groceries and general eCommerce products rose and surge correspondingly. Home & office deliveries surged voluminously in tandem. This phenomenon is here to stay and grow.

Viagoo digital technology platform was designed to address transportation inadequacies through collaboration and Viamove – the last mile delivery service platform underpinning Viagoo was to provide deliveries service in lieu of eCommerce explosive growth. 


The 2 integrated platforms are a good testbed amidst the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which were hard hitting local and businesses worldwide. On the contrary, Viamove has attested to the growth potential by remaining relatively unscathed despite Covid19’s relentless hit on many businesses and evidencing promising growth. This is a validation of Viagoo being in the right business direction and thus we are aiming to ride the growth wave along with the exponential growth opportunities of eCommerce in Singapore and Asia.



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