“Being an entrepreneur, innovator and friend” – The most valuable elements gained are trust and mutual respect built up throughout the time with customers and suppliers” – Alan Chow, CEO & Founder of Viagoo


Please tell us more about yourself, your career history and current business.

Hi, my name is Alan Chow, I am the CEO and co-founder of Viagoo, a smart online cloud logistics platform that enables shippers and carriers to share logistics resources. Prior to Viagoo, I have been actively involved in building IT solutions for companies in the region in the area of document and data automation. Some of the solutions built over 20 years ago are still using by our loyal customers such as Great Eastern Insurance, Omron Asia in Singapore and Li & Fung Trading in Hong Kong. I am excited that the experience I gained in IT development and implementation in the region enables me to lead a young and committed team of professionals to create a technical driven platform that helps to address the problems faced in the urban logistics sector.

You described yourself as an “An entrepreneur, innovator and friend” in your LinkedIn profile, would you kindly elaborate to us the reason behind this introduction and how does it project your vision/belief in entrepreneurship and helped your business till date.

Being in business since my first company started in 1997,

I learnt that besides revenue and wealth generation, the most valuable elements gained are trust and mutual respect built up throughout the time with customers and suppliers. Some customers would ask about my family well-being before and after business meetings and we can talk for hours about anything besides work. This relationship has propelled some of the new business initiatives and supports for Viagoo as a trusted logistics platform partner. It is also this belief that motivates me to continue to strive to create new things with innovative design in our products and services.

What is your take on business digitalization during this pandemic situation and your thoughts on direction for businesses in future?

COVID-19 is affecting everyone as it came too sudden and too soon.  As such, there will be a lot of adjustment in our daily life including work and other activities going into the future.

Digitalization is an on-going change in the market even before the pandemic, the COVID-19 is pushing the transformation a lot faster as the needs become more pressing.

Viagoo has the capability and is committed to innovate and support the digital transformation. The platform is not just another tool to improve the efficiency. It’s an end to end process that helps to reduce wastage in urban logistics.

The platform provides tools such as route optimization, tracking, auto scheduling to improve the efficiency of the logistic service providers (carriers), and it also provides an easy way for the carriers to team up and fill the capacity. For smaller items and same day delivery, our viamove.co is available for the jobs to be outsourced to a team of trusted freelancers to reduce costly trips and fuels. The result is the reduction of carbon emission in a sustainable manner.

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