A Simple, Powerful & Highly Flexible way to manage your company!

Automated Dispatch & Delivery

Auto pilot your tasks with our advanced A.I. Algorithm to match your available agents.


Without any human interfacing, Viagoo is able to plan out your operations automatically.

Tracking & Route Optimization

Get delivery tracking system to monitor workforce in real-time. Plan ahead with optimized routes for managing delivery services.

Targeted Reports

Integrate powerful analytics into your delivery management system and have access to visual reports and trends.

Send SMS

Your customer gets real time update on their deliveries. Cut down on phone calling and focus on the important things.

Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery solution manages delivery and collection processes, by providing a simple way of tracking activity, managing tasks and communicating with drivers.


All the information you need on desktop and mobile interfaces!


View records, view document, eSIgnature, Photo Taking, communication.. We got you covered!


Agents have the visibility of his entire day schedule!


24/7 support for any issues

The Dashboard

Cast an Eagle Eye on your team

Get a glance of your business operations from a single dashboard. The live map screen empowers you to monitor vehicles, driver alerts and geofences around your deliveries!

Special Requirements

Document Automation 2.0

Viagoo’s proprietary solution automatically extracts data from documents e.g. POs, DOs, invoices, manage signed/unsigned documents and integrates seamlessly with popular systems e.g. ERP, WMS and TMS. We help business owners increase manpower efficiency, improve document compliance and elevate data security.

Temperature Monitoring

Viagoo can provide an end to end temperature monitoring solution for cold chain management. Our IOT-based sensor system provides automatic alerts and is backed with real time data analytics and diagnostics to help business owners understand and improve their production.

Waste Management

Viagoo’s system can also be set up as a waste management solution for hotels, shopping malls and food processing companies etc. We provide end to end data collection, intelligent waste profiling, machine maintenance alerts, analytics and reporting, and redistribution of food or resources with your proprietary website or mobile app.

Some Of Our Clients And Partners Over The Years

Viagoo is a revolutionary b2b transportation network. It operates in Singapore and in Asia. Viagoo helps companies collaborate and be a part of the sharing economy.

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